Monday, June 25, 2007

June 25, 2007 All these complaints... :o)

Ok, I have received numerous emails telling me that they couldn't keep up with the amount I'm writing - in Salamanca, the people complained about too little info, and now I'm overdoing it... tststs, those people... *g*

And that although I am the one who has reason to complain! Why do I always fall for the one guy who's gay?! grrr, that makes 5. And a half, but I guess the half doesn't complain about me liking him as he recently said I was a man to him anyways (hihi, sorry Mr. youknowwhoImean, that just had to be :oP)

Ok, so I will keep it short - I took part in the first real meeting in my life today *g* "We" were discussing logistical strategies on how to save costs caused by the distribution network - it was pretty interesting to hear a lot about modelization, scenarios, all the details that had to be considered and what not. This was my first day in a new department, but by now I feel pretty secure in my role as intern, everybody knows me already and people are a lot less formal in an international organization than in a traditional one. So we were laughing a lot today :o)

And tomorrow, Eric invited a whole bunch of people (12!) to a Welcome Party for me *beam* It won't be a party, but we'll all go out to dinner together and see, where the night will take us *innocent smirk*

One of my new chefs from this morning told me that "his ladies" from the logistics department wanted to invite me to dinner as well - on Wednesday! So the next two days will be prrrrretty busy!! Maybe I'll give you a break from reading :oP

Ok, short enough? Sooo much more to tell you, but I'll just save that for the days when the dreaded routine kicks in and every day will be the same :o) (Geez, am I smiley today!! I guess I'm tired LOL)

OK, letting you go now! Muuacc to those who deserve it ;o)


Michael said...

Well if I was a gay man, I am sure I would use this comment to make a catty comment.

However, I won't :)

eyescreamjunkee said...

That's why I love you, hun *g*

Michael said...

You'd love me more if I was gay! That's it, I am off to get my pink triangle ear rings.

eyescreamjunkee said...

Purr *g*