Saturday, June 23, 2007

June 19, 2007

After thinking the past events over, I wanted to add some things - I have a kernel pillow! (Kirschkernkissen)! ^_^

But there are also two downsides to this paradise - I have to keep the balcony door shut at night and visitors aren't exactly welcome here - female visitors have to leave until 22pm, and men aren't allowed to enter the building at all. This is kind of a bummer as I thought people could actually visit me. So, you travel folks out there, I'm very sorry, but I won't be able to host you!
Hmpf. I just spent almost 2 hours trying to get all kinds of stuff done on the internet, but failed miserably. "Surprisingly", the websites show everything in Japanese... for some deluded reason, I thought they would show in English, although that seems a silly idea now. I guess I just haven`t given it any thought before...

Another thing is that small button on the keyboard for changing the letters you type from Roman (Western style) letters to hiragana/katakana (Japanese). That button is right next to the very short space bar, so whenever I type, I keep hitting that button and can't figure out how to get back to roma-ji!! Grrr. This has been very pointless. I need to find an English laptop that's set to English all the way!! And I thought myself to be a genius with languages...

Besides that, I slept an incredible 13 hours and still fought hard during the whole day not to fall asleep! I ate dinner very early because I had skipped breakfast (sleeping) - we had rice with Japanese vegetables, squid (Tintenfisch), shrimp, salad, a spring roll and soup - and in the evening, Mutsuko and Yukiko, 2 future coworkers of SBU who live in the same dormitory, showed me where to find the internet cafe, a supermarket and a convenience store. I haven't entered the convenience store yet, but it seems to be very convenient indeed as you apparently can buy anything in there, plus it's open all night long.

So tomorrow's my first day of work - I meet Mutsuko and Yukiko at 8:30am in the lobby to take me with them!

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Michael said...

Oh well, if I come to see you I will just wear a dress. I used to look bloody good in a dress although I somehow suspect I couldn't pull it off now without looking like a very tragic transvestite. Damn! Maybe I should go on a diet or 3.

That reminds me, I need fish and chips. Yummy!