Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 21, 2007 In the Office

My second day of work. Arima-san and Mutsuko-san write me little notes and letters to meet for the next day =) Arima-san also printed out a map for me and marked the important spots - dormitory, internet caf`e, supermarket, convenience store, train station.

We arrived at work around 9:30am. The good thing is that we have flex time, so we can arrive somewhere between 8 and 10am. The streets we take to get there are very narrow, so the cars adapted to that =) So far, I haven't really seen foreign cars, and the Japanese cars seem to be half as wide as European ones =). I guess, US cars would just block the entire street *g*

I also saw bikes that have a special clip to attach umbrellas! So you can ride the bike and that "hand clip" holds the umbrella for you to protect you from sun and rain. I mention both because the weather is quite volatile here - it's constantly warm and pretty humid, but so far I can live well with that. Last night when we went home, there was half a typhoon blowing and today the sky is very cloudy. That's the rain season, they say.

I worked a lot with Powerpoint today and did some internet research. Eric introduced me to more senior staff and I keep scribbeling down comments next to the list of names I received to not forget all of them immediately!! So far, I met like 10 or 15... I've always been bad with names, but with Japanese names, I'm even worse!

Eric and I went to lunch to a different place today and I ordered (well, he ordered) a bowl of noodles for me. In the future, I will try either to bring food for lunch or to eat only a little bit as I have the free dinner at home.
In Japan, you're supposed to slurp noodles and soup very noisily to tell the cook that you enjoy the food, so today I made a lot of noise eating :o) Hopefully, I don't forget how to eat silently when I go back to Europe *hihi*

Going back home was a pain - my feet hurt (I'm wearing high heels, I guess most of you know me in sneakers!) and I felt a bit lonely. I really regret not having brought my laptop or at least more music!! Should have listened to my brother, with music everything's better... I miss my friends, my family, I miss Spain! The other day, I bought oranges and they are about 4 times as expensive as they are in Spain, and taste quite dreadfully... I guess what annoys me most of all is the fact that I can hardly talk to anyone and express myself and that I don't understand anything that is going on around me... I love to be informed and to gather information, but here I'm just drifting around. That's why I talk to Eric so much. Menos mal que toda la gente se ocupa mucho de m`i. I'm glad that everyone is so eager to help me! But right now I have that typical "surrounded by people, feeling alone" feeling - Natsumi-san even took me to a tech store today after work so that I could buy an electronic dictionary - but they were all made for Japanese people (I know, very surprising), so I wouldn't have been able to understand anything... There must be versions for foreigners, though...

Anyways, I guess I'll end this strange day now. Good night!

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