Sunday, July 1, 2007

June 30, 2007 A lazy Saturday morning

So here's a problem. You already got the idea that I am addicted to food. I'm so happy with being cooked for twice a day, and if the bosses of my current department invite me for lunch, even better! But on Sundays and every 5th Saturday of the month, nobody's cooking for me! Poor Elena!!

So I went food shopping - and found quite an impressive drugstore/necessities/convenience store/food court/shopping mall that really isn't that far away from my place. They sell "women's hygiene products" in inconspicuous brown paper bags... And loads of candy that is supposedly healthy for you. I found the chocolate anyways :o) So now I have a place that will cook for me all week around!

The afternoon was lazy as well, so I took some fotos for you to see where I live!

The beauty station ;o)

My walkable wardrobe!

TV and Watercooker - very useful for tea or a dish of ramen if the little hunger comes along *g*

Prrrrreettty cool, don't you think :o)

And as I was surprised at just how long my hair had gotten, I took some silly shots as well:

Nice, those lazy afternoons, right? :o)


Michael said...

Is it bad that I really like your hair like that? Too much Pippi Longstocking, that's my problem :)

Ankit said...

aBsOlutely lOvE ur hAIR :)

Ankit said...